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The Jinnat

The plural of Jinn is Jinnaat, Jinnaat are the creation of Allah Ta’ala made from fire.

They are given the power to take whatever shape or form they wish.

The mischievous and evil one’s are called “Shaitaan”.

They are like human beings having wisdom and understanding.

They have a soul and a bodily form.

There are male and female Jinnaat.

Jinnaat eat, drink and sleep.

They also have children.

Jinnaat are invisible creation of Allah Ta’ala.

Among the Jinnaat there are Muslims, Mu’min (Believers) and Kaafirs (Disbelievers).

Jinn and Human were created for the worship of Allah Ta’ala. Allah Ta’ala says in the Holy Quran: “And I have Created the Jinn and the men only for this that they may Worship Me”. (Surah Ziyarat:56)

The Jinnaat do not live forever. They Eventually die.

The Jinnaat used to work at the command of Hazrat Sulaiman (alaihis sallam). The Masjid-ul-Aqsa, Baitul Muqqadas, was  built by the Jinnaats under the command of Hazrat Sulaiman (Alaihis Sallam).

The good deeds performed by Jinnaat will earn them Sawaab (reward).

The disbelievers among them will go to Hell and the believers among them will live nearby Jannat. The Jinnaat will not live in Jannat. Because Jannat is the estate of Hazrat Adam (alaihis sallam) and it will be distributed to his children (human). The Jinnaat will enter Jannat for Sair (sight-seeing).

He who disbelievers in the existence of Jinnaat Becomes a Kaafir.


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